Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The Monday blues really hit me hard today. Well, right now my mind is not here in the office… cant tell u where it is either..cause I have no idea where it went…been staring at this report for almost ½ hour now.

That is why, I am writing at this blog rite now. Thehe…

Mmm, the other day..while browsing tru my stuff..i was searching for my harry potters books…which till now still missing…sigh…nway, I sort of stumble with my old pics..really bring the old memories back to me.. gosh, there’s 1 pic..(i will post it later)i look..n I mean I do look soOoOO skinny.. even the jeans look baggy.. n there’s one pic where I look d#mn fat!! My face so chubby, even Dudley look skinny…I wont post that pic up in my blog..ahahaha.. :p well, we’ll see. Whether I will post it or not..ehhe

There’s also pics from my school time..which I look so nerdy..mind you, do not be fooled by my nerdy look..eheh..i sort of a notty gurl in skool..even the principal knew my name by heart.. huhu :p

Rite now, I am listening to Not While I’m around – a soundtrack from Sweeney Todd. To me, it’s a sweet shows how much the lil guy really care about mrs Lovett. He doesn’t care whether he’s small or how evil the enemy is..he’ll try his best to protect someone that he loved, cared so much. So sweet. Tetiba jiwang plak kan..matila!

enuff of this jiwang² stuff..thehe...

gonna end this post..wanna search for pics to upload n try to funky up this blog of mine..