Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Spell your name without "A"

- iyshh ...ahhaha... iyshh!!

Are you single?
- i'm married

What is your favourite no?
- 3

What are you listening?
- Bye Bye beautiful by Nightwish

Are you happy with your life rite now?
- mmmmm.. :p yup

What was/is your fav subject in skool?
- add math

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
- mama

Who was the last person to call you?
- err...dah last person to talk to mama...mesti la mama kan?

Who was the last person to text you?
- buja...regarding sale at Isetan..thihihi


What shirt are you wearing?
- Maroon sleeveless...

- Gray trouser

- dulu berangan nak tatoo rerama.. :p

Other stuff:

What plans do you have for tonight?
- mmm ingat nak study report...esok management review!!!!!uwaaa!!

Do you hate liars?
- YUP!!!

Do you prefer "sensitive boys/girls" or "tough boys/feminine girls"?
none of the above...ahaha...mix la..sensitive sgt pun..x bes gak..ehehhe

Do you prefer blonde or dark haired girls/boys?
- dark haired

WHat have you done in your past that you regret...

Do you have a guy best fren?
- yes...he's not in malaysia skang nih...

Do you ever have your heart broken?
- yes

Have you ever wanted sum1 but you knew you couldn't?
- yuppp...will smith...huhu :p

How are things between you and your parents?
- good

Do you like your life?
- yuppp

What is your fav, food?
- i love ikan terubuk bakar...yummy²....ketupat sotong.. :)

What is your fav. love movie?
- Music & Lyrics... Love actually... :)

Do you forgive or forget?
- Depends..... :)

Do you have more frens that are girls or boys?
- same jer...

Has any1 close passed away?
- late abah (he's my grandfather...)

What colour is your eyes?
- blue? ehehhe..xde la...dark itam..tah

Do you ever wish you were famous?
- err..nope...never did..tapi kalau RICH AND FAMOUS tuh ade la..ahahah :P

Do you want to get married?
- huh??? i'm married...

Do you still love your ex?

Do you ex still love you?
- err...x kot....

- credits to Uyun... :) tq!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Performance Appraisal


pagi tadi my superior call me to conduct the appraisal... (cuak!) masuk² je dlm bilik meeting tuh, dia cakap la...yang dia agree to most of my comments n points.. (hikhik..kalau aku tahu laa...buh memanyak skit..huhu) points okla...dalam tahap "satisfactory" ... My superior cakap...mmg takat tuh je la...jangan berangan la nak masuk kat level "Good"...eehehe..okla, bersyukur kan... :)

SO, mase duk evaluate sya nye performance tuh....dah nak ke ujung dah pun...ehehe..superior sya tanye..."awak puas ati ke sume nih..kalau sume ok...awak sign je la kat bawah tuh"..sya plak...g belek page belakang which contain all the matter on confirmation, bonuses, naik gaji...ahahah...sya ngan penuh toya tanye dia..."emm...en nasir, page nih takkan kosong jer?" die gelakkan jer... cis...dia cakap that depend on my GM la...

tsk...x pat bonus pun xpela...janji kompem..huhu.. :)

Monday, May 19, 2008



ps: this post will only content ":" and ")" ehehhe... why? ade larr... :P

nih hasil bile xde kije

got this email frm a fren...the subject of the email was "Know your character from ur Birthdate..."
so...this is mine....


[1] Loyal and generous
[2] Patriotic
(ahahaha...nih mmg kompem la bukan!! i'm nOt even registered yet wif the SPR)
[3] Active in games and interactions

[4] Impatient and hasty
[5] Ambitious
[6] Influential in organizations
[7] Fun to be with
[8] Loves to socialize
[9] Loves praises
[10] Loves attention
[11] Loves to be loved
[12] Honest and trustworthy
[13] Not pretending
[14] Short tempered
(short tempered?sumtimes..thihi)
[15] Changing personality
(r u serious?????)
[16] Not egoistic
[17] Takes high pride in oneself
[18] Hates restriction
[19] Loves to joke
[20] Good sense of humor
[21] Logic

40 Secrets About ME

Forty Secrets About Yourself.

Be honest no matter what.

[One] Who was your last text from?
- Uyun...thihih :P

[Two] Where was your primary picture taken at?
- my primary pic? mm a pic of my room...

[Three] What's your middle initial?
- see..thihi "c"

[Five] Does your crush(s) like you back?
- crush? sya nye crush kat Will x la..thihi

[Six] What is your current mood?
- my mood? mmm....gitu² jer....

[Seven] What's your pet's name?
- mm...dulu my pet's name was the notty NYET (nama panjang die...Ballack..eeheh)...n the sweet, adorable Oyot (full name - Zidane...) <-- mase nih tgh hanGat ngan world cup..ahahaha

[Eight] What color shirt are you wearing?
- black!!!

[Nine] What was the last thing you drank ?
- Ice Lemon Tea... :)

[Ten] If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
- Yup.....

[Eleven] Have a crazy side?
- ahahaha..sure does!!

[Twelve] Favorite song ever?
- mmmm...... tah

[Thirteen] Something you do a lot?
- :)

[Fourteen] Angry at anyone?
- mmmm...maybe

[Fifteen] Do you wanna see somebody?
- mm will smith? :p

[Sixteen] Name someone with the same birthday as you?
- mmm...sape same birthday ngan sya? tatau la..ehehhe

[Seventeen] When was the last time you cried?
- yesterday....

[Eighteen] Who would you do anything for (excluding ur family)?
- my friends... :)

[Nineteen] Who is someone u look up to?
- my papa n mama.....

[Twenty] What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
- his hair?

[Twenty-two] What's your biggest secret?
- my biggest secret? ahaha...

[Twenty-three] Where is your ex?
- i think he's still in melaka....

[Twenty-four] Favorite movie?
- P.Ramlee's....Grease!!

[Twenty-five] Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
- Playhouse Disney Channel - Pocoyo, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny...u name it...sume sya tengok..thihi...Spongebob...Oggy and the Cockroaches...

[Twenty-six] What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
- i'm having sum icecream...shared it wif kenit.... :)

[Twenty-seven] Do you speak any other dialect?
- kelantanese... :)

[Twenty-eight] Whats your favorite smell?
- Anna Sui & Bvlgari

[Twenty-nine] Describe your life in one word, what would it be?
- chazYller :)

[Thirty-one] Do you like the rain?
- yes

[Thirty-two] Who are you thinking about right now?
- kenit....

[Thirty-three] What should you be doing?
- now? mmmmm tatau..eheheh

[Thirty-six] Do you like working in the yard?
- depends...eheheh...x suke sgt actually...x reti laa berkebun

[Thirty-eight] Do you act differently around the person you like?
- nope...sama jer....

[Thirty-nine] What is your natural hair color?
- blonde? ahahah. :p no lar...kompem la black

[Fourty] Who was the last person to make you smile?
- my dearest...kenit.. :)

credits to Faten.. :)

Bye Bye Beautiful

Bye - bye Beautiful - Nightwish

Finally the hills are without eyes
They are tired of painting a dead man's face red
With their own blood

They used to love having so much to lose
Blink your eyes just once and see everything in ruins

Did you ever hear what I told you?
Did you ever read what I wrote you?
Did you ever listen to what we played?
Did you ever let in what the world said?
Did we get this far just to feel your hate?
Did we play to become only pawns in the game?
How blind can you be, don't you see?
You chose the long road, but we'll be waiting

Bye bye, beautiful...

Jacob's ghost for the girl in white
Blindfold for the blinded
Siblings walking the dying earth

Noose around a choking heart
Eternity torn apart
So toll now the funeral bells

"No need to die to prove a lie”

Did you ever hear what I told you?
Did you ever read what I wrote you?
Did you ever listen to what we played?
Did you ever let in what the world said?
Did we get this far just to feel your hate?
Did we play to become only pawns in the game?
How blind can you be, don't you see?
You chose the long road, but we'll be waiting

Bye bye, beautiful...

It’s not the tree that forsakes the flower
But the flower that forsakes the tree
Someday I’ll learn to love these scars
Still fresh from the red-hot blade of your words

...How blind can you be, don’t you see...
...that the gambler lost all he does not have...

Did you ever hear what I told you?
Did you ever read what I wrote you?
Did you ever listen to what we played?
Did you ever let in what the world said?
Did we get this far just to feel your hate?
Did we play to become only pawns in the game?
How blind can you be, don’t you see?
You chose the long road but we’ll be waiting

Bye bye, beautiful
Bye bye, beautiful
bye bye, beautiful
Bye, bye, bye, bye.

kena tagged ngan masttt!!

ko saje je goes... :P thihih

Eight Random Facts/habits About Yourself:

The rules: (Haii...siap rules???)

1. Each blogger must post these rules first
2. Each blogger start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

8 Facts/Habits bout the cute sya:

1. Cat lover!!!!!! eeyyowwww..ehehehe
2. love music...can't live without music...studying, working, jalan² telinga mesti nak kena sumbat ngan earphone...n currently, with my new love (iPod saya...thihi) i can listen to anything, everything, anywhere everywhere... :)
3. Suke membaca novel....manGa...comic...
4. n mast....ko ngan aku sama la...mandi dalam kadar yang sekejap..ahahhah 10 - 15 mins the most...kalau paling lama pun...mmmm 30 mins....x baek membazir air nih..ahaha :P
5. Hate those who look down to other people....who love to brag about their 'status'
6. Love speed! theheh..sesapa yang penah naik ngan sya..tahu la kot sya drive camane....ber'hemah' kan kan? ahahah :p
7. Saya seorang yang suke berangan....daydreaming...n the kind of world yang sya nak tinggal....magical harry potter tu... :) hhehe
8. Pemendam... :)

ok...tats all about me...

nak tagged sape nih???? uwaaaa.... buja, sis arin, kedinkyst, aina, abab, sis ayu, faten...okla tuh..tatau dah nak tagged sape...(yun! apsal ko takde blog? aku geget ko baru tauuu...)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sya wanna wish my mama, Azizah Osman...

you're the greatest mama...

and also to all the moms in the world...
have a nice mother's day....