Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ujian Sahsiah 14 Jawatan

(pics will be upload later...)

x nampak ker? mmm halal la tuh...malas nak edit..theheh...
anyway, dpt panggilan untuk amik 'Ujian Sahsiah 14 Jawatan'...
and because of someone dear to me had told this news to my dearest mama...
sya terpaksa la pegi gaK ke test nihhh!!
(thanx to buYo)

and siyes, I have no idea whatsoever amenda yg sya nak kena study..
i mean... Ujian Minat???
does it mean that they going to test me in the things that i like??
heheheh...i doubt that...
n ujian khas tu amenda plak?????
uwaaaa..tamO gi....

oo case some of you are wondering...
sya apply kije ape kat SPA...
utk test ni...sya rase utk jawatan nih kan...
1. Penguasa Kastam
2. Penguasa Imigresen
hehehhe... :p

well..probably sya akan pegi... (kalau x...sya bleh bayangkan mama bebell....huhu)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lonely Day - System of a Down


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Suzuki Kizashi

if someone had asked me, what would be listed in my 'Bucket List'...1 would be...

sya saw this beauty in today New Straits Times...when i saw her, sya cam!!! that is the exact word that came out frm my cute mouth... her specs: 3.6 litre DOHC V6, 300 horse nak bayangkan rega dia, bley berangan je la kan.....


note: pic credit to


read this article in Utusan, dated 22nd March 2008....

Kegembiraan boleh dibeli, jika belanja orang lain

Washington, 21 Mac - Wang boleh membeli kegembiraan tetapi hanya apabila ia dibelanjakan untuk orang lain.

Kajian oleh Sekolah Perniagaan Universiti British Columbia mendapati, membelanjakan wang sekurang - kurangnya AS$5 (RM16) sehari untuk orang lain boleh meningkatkan kegembiraan.

Kajian ke atas 630 penduduk Amerika Syarikat (AS) menunjukkan mereka gembira apabila membelanjakan wang untuk orang lain walaupun mereka beranggapan membelanjakan wang untuk diri sendiri akan membuatkan mereka lebih gembira.

"Kami mahu menguji teori bagaimana wang sama banyak dengan pendapatan," kata Elizabeth Dunn, ahli psikologi Universiti British Columbia.

Kajian ke atas 600 sukarelawan itu meliputi kadar kegembiraan umum, laporan pendapatan tahunan, maklumat perbelanjaan bulanan termasuk untuk membeli hadiah sendiri dan orang lain serta derma untuk kebajikan. what do you guys think? ade betulnya sya rase...cause sya bleh bayangkan if kite buy someone a present..or a surprise giftkan...bile org yg receive tuh happy, x ke kite pun happy...especially when they really appreciate the gift that we gave to them... (",)

so, anyone?? care to buy me a gift?? ahahah :p


POST ILANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


got this from dear faten's blog...thehe... (sorry faten..x bagitau dulu before copy+paste)...ehehe

1. How old will you turn in 2009?
- not going to tell you....age is a sensitive no. you know? ehehhe

2. DO you think you'll be married by then?
- errrr...of course...i'm married now..ain't i? :)

3. What do you look forward to most in the next 3 months?
- be accepted in.... hehe..dun wanna tell anyone yet...if accepted, i will announce it yerp?

4. Do you like to say "i told you so"?
- errr....bukan sume ke camnih?? ahahhaa...i'm 1 of them la.. (",)

5. Who was the last person you called?
- err..last person i called?mmm ... errr...sape erk? ahaha....siyes la x ingat....

6. Do you prefer call or text?
- text! la...easier by texting... :D

7. Do you have any pets?
- currently, no...previously yes...2 krazee cats...nyet (actual name - ballack) and oyot (zidane)...ahahah...matila nama glamer gile...missed this 2 guys...sob sob

8. what are you doing @ 1.30 am?
- depends...kalu sleepy, titon la apa lagi kan...kalau x...tengOk mOvie/anime..or read books...

9. what were u doing @ 3 am?
- dreaming :p

10. When is the last time you saw your mom?
- mmmmm on thursday morning...she's in Kay bee rite now....

11. What is your mood?
- bile? skang ke?? mmm I AM BORED!!!!!

12. How many houses have you lived in?
- what kind of question is this?????? mm let me think...banyakla...x kose nak kire...

13. How many city/towns have you lived in?
- mmm...kaybee when i was 9, moved to malacca the historical KL...

14. do you prefer skirt or jeans?
- what kind of skirts? mini? ahahaha....i prefer jeans...!! all hail to the jeans!! huhuh

15. Are you a social person?
- mmm..depends on my mood....usually i love to be alone...n i mean really alone...just to be by myself....gazing at the sky, ocean, wall...n sometimes, i love to go out n meet me frens...

16. what was the last thing you ate?
- mmmm.... buttered bread... wif coffee... which explains WHY i am wide awake sedangkan kat lua tuh ujan lebat, a PERFECT time to take a nap...

17. What's your favourite colour?
- BLUE!!!! (come on you spurss!!!) ahahaha.. de kaitan ker???

18. What are you doing for your next birthday?
- 30th Dec falls on Tuesday...kije la apa laie??? sIgh....

19. What is your favourite TV's show?
- CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Office (hilariouss!!), Pimp My Ride (kewlll!!), House...this list never ends... :p

20. Do you like Coffee?
- peberet..tapi migrain..caner tuh?? eheheh.....

21. What are you listening to?
- currently, my ears are blaring with Guns and Roses - Don't You Cry... 'talk to me softly, there's something in you eyes....don't hang your head in sorrow...and please dun cry...."

22. Do you have an iPod?
- nOpe... sIgh...mahal la menatam nih...x padan ngan kecik

23. how do you feel about the last person you kissed?
- my lil eeQa..nak geget...notty cam ummi dia la budaq nih!!

24. Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?
- yerppp!! near a wall..where i can only see the wall...with my head tutup wif a pillow...ahahahha...penakot!!

25. Name someone from the opposite sex that you really want to meet...
- opposite sex? mmmmm...WILL doubt bout this one...thehehe...


i quote frm Wikipedia,

Robocop - an unfortunate police offices, was brutally murdered by a vicious gang...n he was built as a "COLD, MECHANIZED AND VIOLENT ENTITY"

COLD - describe as unfriendly, emotionally distant or unfeeling.

mmmmm....surely this describe him...ain't? hihihi ;p

boring saturday

the title is self explanatory... dun u think?? eheheh :p
i think i will bored myself to death today!! huiahahah

tadi browsing tru all...(n i really mean ALL) of ASTRO channel...
nothing interesting...nothing that can transform me into a couch potato...
mmmm...feeling like going to klcc...
yet, no fulus...

(note to self: dun even go near any shopping complex, when there's a sale...n you are broke!!)

mmm just completed...'Where Rainbow End'
love this book...sweet story of 2 best frens...Alex and Rosie...
alex n rosie loves to pass notes in class...n this habits, kekal sampai diorg dah besar...
i mean, diaorg still pass notes, letters..emails, chatting
there's time when i read it i laugh my heart out...(nih bile si rosie tersalah send msg to her bf, instead ofher best fren...n in that msg, dia duk ngutuk bf dia...ahahha..not, once yerpp...TWICE!!)
n there's time when i kinda cry...(when her father died, n she sort of receive a letter frm her father..AFTER his death...tsk...cedey gile)

n there is time, when i feel that men are a fool...ahahhah!! no offence...tapi siyesla, dalam cite nih...lelaki nih kekadang rase cam nak kena debishh debishh!!
bes la...nway, sesapa yg penah baca buku cecelia's nih
mmg akan tau kot buku dia mmg best!!

next target....

remember me by sophie kinsella...tunggu gaji 25th March nih...
huhuh.... :P

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rambo 4

have you guys watch rambo4? ngee...cite dia ok sbenarnya, its actually, pasal john rambo in his mission (again) in saving a group of missionary from a group of local, sya rase korang pun boleh bayangkan plot citer nih kan...cuma sya bebetul x sangka, yang cite nih GANAS GILE!! u can actually see pieces of meats flying when somebody got hit by a bomb!! arrrghh..kijam kijam!! bayangkan diaorg nih bunuh org lain cam main video game..tembak sesuke xde perasaan langsung..(depressed!).. sedih bile tengok penduduk kampung tuh dibunuh cam binatang... agaknya gitu la bile org Islam kena serang kat Iraq kan... (depressed lagi)..

so, senang cakap...citer nih really make me depressed.!so, sya dun think that i will watch this movie utk kali ke-2, ke-3 and so on...baikla tengok pocoyo..happy jer...hehehe.. :P

Sunday, March 2, 2008


absolutely no idea!

Al - fatihah

my dearest abah have passed away on Friday @ 0300 hrs...
Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmatNya.

miss you so much abah.....