Sunday, February 10, 2008


movie review..huhu

last friday..or should i say, last saturday morning (amik show midnite)
i'd watched cj7... n to those who haven't watch it.. i highly recommending it....
it funny, full of emotion, CUTE, adorable... n did i say it was funny?? cause it was!!
laugh my heart out that nite....thehehe :p

i love the part where lil dicky first saw cj7 was that part where cj7 help lil dicky to cheat in that its that scene where lil dicky threw his specs to his teachers...mmm actually, i love all the scenes in that movie.. thihi ;p

and it really touched my heart when Ti (dicky's dad), thank goodness nobody saw yg sya tengah bergenang air mata..ahahahha, kalu x...haruuu!

overall, i love this movie.. n would watch it again n again...especially bile ade yg nak blanja..eheheh

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

have u guys watched this? love it!! man, johnny depp sure can sing...its a my sis said, it is a kinda a depress movie..

Its about a guy named Benjamin Parker aka Sweeney Todd who want to revenged for the death of his wife n and getting his daughter from that evil judge turpin...cara die melepaskan perasaan marah die, dengan membunuh client die..iskk ngeri!! n part yg paling sya sedih, bile die sedar yg sbenarnya wife dia still alive..n he had killed her.!! cedeyy!!

tapikan, even dalam kesuraman (citer gelap la katakan).. i really love the songs in this it, adore it!!
especially 'Johanna', NOt while i'm around..banyak sebenarnya... (",)

enuff for this moment...till nex time..