Sunday, January 11, 2009


semalam sya abiskan bace 'anybody out there'..siyesli, mmg bes buku nih...sya rekemen la kalau ade sesapa yang berminat nak bace buku nih....(kan weng? :) eheh) its about a lady name Anna Walsh..who can't accept her husband death...and she keeps trying to contact her dead husband...cam2 la dia cube...using a 'medium' to contact'..but still dia x dpt nak contact Aidan, her husband..sedih bile tgk sume usaha dia tuh nak tahu camana dia hadapi sume nih...carila buku nih n bace la those yang nak pinjam, xde masalah.. :)

so...abis bace dat book, i start to re-read "Remember Me?".. :) tapi tadi skip kejap..n bace Readers Digest..ehehe...
oo yer..cakap pasal readers digest..nak share 1 jokes yang de dalam tuh...

"An engineer is standing outside the Pearly Gates.
"Sorry, " St Peter says, "but you're in the wrong place." He snaps his fingers and the engineer ends up in hell.

Dissatisfies with the level of comfort there, the engineer starts making improvements. One day, God phones Satan to ask how things are going.]
"Great," he answers. "We've got central air and escalators now. There's no telling what that engineer will come up with next"
"You've got an engineer?" God says.
"There's been a mistake. Send him back or I'll sue."
"Yeah, right," Satan chuckles. "Where are you going to find a lawyer?"

till nex post! :)