Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Spell your name without "A"

- iyshh ...ahhaha... iyshh!!

Are you single?
- i'm married

What is your favourite no?
- 3

What are you listening?
- Bye Bye beautiful by Nightwish

Are you happy with your life rite now?
- mmmmm.. :p yup

What was/is your fav subject in skool?
- add math

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
- mama

Who was the last person to call you?
- err...dah last person to talk to mama...mesti la mama kan?

Who was the last person to text you?
- buja...regarding sale at Isetan..thihihi


What shirt are you wearing?
- Maroon sleeveless...

- Gray trouser

- dulu berangan nak tatoo rerama.. :p

Other stuff:

What plans do you have for tonight?
- mmm ingat nak study report...esok management review!!!!!uwaaa!!

Do you hate liars?
- YUP!!!

Do you prefer "sensitive boys/girls" or "tough boys/feminine girls"?
none of the above...ahaha...mix la..sensitive sgt pun..x bes gak..ehehhe

Do you prefer blonde or dark haired girls/boys?
- dark haired

WHat have you done in your past that you regret...

Do you have a guy best fren?
- yes...he's not in malaysia skang nih...

Do you ever have your heart broken?
- yes

Have you ever wanted sum1 but you knew you couldn't?
- yuppp...will smith...huhu :p

How are things between you and your parents?
- good

Do you like your life?
- yuppp

What is your fav, food?
- i love ikan terubuk bakar...yummy²....ketupat sotong.. :)

What is your fav. love movie?
- Music & Lyrics... Love actually... :)

Do you forgive or forget?
- Depends..... :)

Do you have more frens that are girls or boys?
- same jer...

Has any1 close passed away?
- late abah (he's my grandfather...)

What colour is your eyes?
- blue? ehehhe..xde la...dark itam..tah

Do you ever wish you were famous?
- err..nope...never did..tapi kalau RICH AND FAMOUS tuh ade la..ahahah :P

Do you want to get married?
- huh??? i'm married...

Do you still love your ex?

Do you ex still love you?
- err...x kot....

- credits to Uyun... :) tq!